Let’s be honest. Everyone loves flowers…or every girl loves flowers, rather. They are beautiful, romantic, a perfect sign of love and affection, and girls should be showered with them daily. Well ladies, if your man is not pulling his weight in the flower department, don’t fret because we know how to get your flower fix. All you need is a little visit to Amsterdam.

The tulip capital of the world is the perfect place to lose yourself in flowers. We are talking gardens for days people! And the flower markets are a sight to be seen – they even have the only floating flower market! The Dutch have taken flowers seriously since the 1600′s – in fact, the demand for tulips was so high that they were the 4th largest export of the Netherlands. This lead to the first economic bubble, where people were trading anything and everything (12 sheep) for one single tulip bulb. Yet like most bubbles, this one eventually popped.

History aside, the tulip is a forever symbol of the Netherlands. So ladies, when your beau is not showering you with flowers, give him an economic history lesson about tulips. Tell him that some men sold everything they owned for one single tulip bulb. If he is still not buying it, let Amsterdam be your cure.

amsterdam gardenflower market in amsterdam